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Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School, Model Town

A.G.D.A.V. School is one of 550 D.A.V. institutions spread all over India. A.G.D.A.V. was established in April,1986 in the Centenary year of D.A.V. educational movement. In 1886 at Lahore first D.A.V. school was established by Mahatma Hansraj. Since then D.A.V. schools are committed in their pursuit to eradicate illiteracy and spread qualitative, progressive and value based education in all corners of the country. In 122 years of its history D.A.V. schools have played active role in making & shaping of the history of the country. Many of its students have earned name and fame in different fields I,e in Administration, Art, Sport, Politics & Entertainment.

The great merit of D.A.V. institutions is that they train young boys and girls to make their mark in the life to come up at the top in all walks of life and to be good citizens of our great country. A well equipped kindergarten employing latest educational techniques for the healthy and happy growth of the children at physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level.

Website: http://www.agdav.org/home.php
Admissions: http://www.agdav.org/innerPage.php?PageId=5&Type=Admission