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Anurag Aggarwal Institute of public speaking

Anurag Aggarwal Institute of public speaking (M/s Navchetna) offers you two courses on Public Speaking & Marketing Skills and about 25 workshops to Corporate World.

Our Public Speaking Course strives to bring out the best personality in you. It aims at your over all development making a full fledged confident individual.

# At this institute, our motive is to groom a confident speaker out of you,

# To teach you the art of becoming the master of ceremonies and take full control of the events happening.

# It also helps you to coerce the art of anchoring cultural programmers. It gives you instructions onto making the program a complete success.

# It teaches you how to complete a session with the proper know-how of how to accept and give away the awards.

# How to make political speeches,

# How to train people and garner the ability of the conduction of team building activities and games. This is an endeavor to bring out the leadership spirit in you and your compatibility to work in a team as one big unit like a family.

# The Training also curtails the activities mentioned henceforth, basically pertaining to the improvement of your body language and postures.

# It helps you to acquire the basic presentation skills thereby also boosting up of your confidence levels immensely.

# It looks after your ability to master how to start and close a talk and form the middle body of the talk.

# It enables you to be able to gather your thoughts and jot them down in a properly fashioned communicable way.

# It assists you to successfully be able to talk in terms of your listener's interests

# Speak with an enthusiasm level that contagious. You will definitely not fail to catch on to the audience's attention, hence achieving your exact aim.

# We take it as our obligation to personally see to it that you are groomed well to make impromptu talks

# And organize talks of longer duration.

# We provide the training to teach you the proper timing and effect of voice modulation, pertaining to the pitching of the voice, the tonal quality, the volume and their baritones. This is an effort to make you strive towards the maximum and the best audio effect on the assembly.
# We take care of the fact that by the trainee's progression, towards the culmination of the course, you completely develop the art of introducing the speakers on to the stage.
# Your persona would be accentuated by an improved diction,
# Immensified platform presence, personality and an improved dress sense.

The stage fear factor would be a thing of the past for you. This course would help you to face people with the maximum of surety in yourself.

For more details visit http://www.anuragaggarwal.com